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The unveiling on 04-09-14 on #EvenstarFantasyFest! #Thranduil #Cosplay #LOTR #Hobbit (at SKC - Studenski Kulturni Centar)

My anaconda don’t
My anaconda don’t
My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, son!


Looks like my rides here

"I exclusively ride GAY on my travels."

Now a legit thing.

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SNK AU where Erwin is this rather handsome long haired fella who is a choreographer and a graphic designer, all stuck in art, Levi is a student majoring in English language and Hanji is still a quirk, teaching children and adults how to draw manga, and pampering the abovementioned idiots…

Oh, wait.

I absolutely love this! <3

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After the battle

- Missed me?
- Shut up!

Erwin Smith: Borivoje Naumovski [WorldCosplay]
Levi Ackerman: Damien Valtiel [WorldCosplay]

Photo: Mistiqarts [WorldCosplay]
Editing: AVATAR.designs
3DMG: Plameni DarkArmoury , Stefan Vujcic,

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When the cat shows the butt to you it means your cat appreciate you and want to sniff her smell

So… Am I doing this right?


Smile like you mean it.

They say corporal Levi could smile upon finding a good cleaning utensil.

God damn it, now everyone knows our secret!

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Sweet dreams, everyone! <3 (at AVATAR.designs)

Could it be that you're online for the interview? If it's possible n_n

Asked by bluetrashbin

I’m coming to Skype right now. :)


Oh my god this is beautiful XD

And that’s why I always miss a shirt.

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Mom: Make sure to get enough sleep.
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *sends carrier pigeon*
Mom: *sends an army*
Mom: *wages war*
Mom: *starts own religion*
Mom: *cries out my name from the top of the mountain in despair, thunderstruck and all that shit*
Me: *answers phone*

Guess I wasn’t that missed during the #weekend. #cat #kitty #Daca (at AVATAR.designs)

Past my planned bedtime, so what else is new? #personal (at AVATAR.designs)



Biggest tsundere of the all. :D