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Mom: Make sure to get enough sleep.
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *calls*
Mom: *sends carrier pigeon*
Mom: *sends an army*
Mom: *wages war*
Mom: *starts own religion*
Mom: *cries out my name from the top of the mountain in despair, thunderstruck and all that shit*
Me: *answers phone*

Guess I wasn’t that missed during the #weekend. #cat #kitty #Daca (at AVATAR.designs)

Past my planned bedtime, so what else is new? #personal (at AVATAR.designs)



Biggest tsundere of the all. :D

Describe your day in one gif.

Now… Where’s my bolo?

Late birthday gift for ninja-yogi, and also celebrating the fact Erwin’s back, baby.

Erwin Smith: Borivoje Naumovski [WorldCosplay]
Photo: AVATAR.designs


"These animals should be rewarded for not being people. I hate people

Photographer: Mistiqarts
Editor: AVATAR.designs
Cosplayer: Delusor Cosplay [World Cosplay]

A bit thanks to the Konjički klub “Bojčin” for giving us the opportunity to work with these wonderful animals. 

Levi’s hand-crafted Leather harness Plameni DarkArmoury
and Stefan Vujcic

Hanging around with Jean, I see…

Awww, yisss!

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Oh Ori how I wish I can bring you and damien to my school prom

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For a moment there I thought you wrote “school porn”…

Wasn’t really sure what to reply for minutes.



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Oh, really?

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Just wondering… If Marco Bodt cosplay is half-assed, is it actually a good cosplay?



Hello, I am Tardy (Kumamushi-san in Japanese), a water bear. I’m the toughest creature on the Earth.

Now I’m wandering around in Serbia for vacation. Actually, I’m always in vacation because I don’t study or work. Hahaha!


It has been three days since I came to Serbia. I’m visiting…

Thank you for great fun and amazing time we had, Tardy! ^_^

#ULTIMATEdance #ThisLove #Shinhwa #Draft (at

I felt like asking a "serious" question. Firstly as a prelude: are the pictures you produce artistic? Because that is how I see them. And if so: do you feel that your fans don't understand that the "sexy" (couldn't think of a better word) aspect is symbiotic with the artistic nature, but instead they focus purely on the sexiness?

Oooh, I love this question. And let me start off by thanking you for a wonderful compliment on the works we put out there. :3
As for the artistic aspect, I always go by the golden rule: One man’s trash is the other man’s art. It’s really all in eye of the beholder. I wouldn’t dare call my works art, as I don’t feel the creator should ever blow their own horn. If there’s anything I stand by in my photography and modeling, it’s the exploration of a male form. And that, on it’s own merit, goes hand in hand with “sexy” tag, which blurred the line between just “hot” or just “art”. Love to believe I can push the envelope, and that’s what artists should do.
Got a lot of praise for the works. Also got a lot of heat for them. And if art is supposed to raise questions and leave no person indifferent… Good, I can feel proud as a creator of the work that leaves no person completely calm. :)
Confessions time: I don’t mind being objectified. Those who care enough will seek the brain behind the muscle (and hopefully find it, lol), and those who don’t care for the brain still have something pretty to look at.
Confessions time #2: I love feedback. Praise is good, of course, but also when people comment and give themselves space to point out what direction they would like to see next. That thrills me, as it’s far more organic and gives me more to strive to and work harder and work more, and explore my limits more, as well as push them further. That being said, blatant negativity is a thing I just brush off, as there’s no other point to it than plain jealousy. Maybe even worse. Death threats for making myself visible inside a corrupted society and going against it speak volumes about my own work, and also testify about the fragile egos I shatter along the way. On the other hand, constructive criticism is a thing I cherish, for it gives me more space ti grow and develop. Pointing out the bad but also explaining and/or directing what could be done to improve is the real blessing.

Your name is too complicated to pronounce. I'll call you "orgasm".

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You, dear anon…

… you get me.