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Is delusor a guy or a girl?



Yes. He is. He’s definitely a guy or a girl. He’s not a goat. And even if he was, he would probably be a boy or a girl goat.

I love you.


Speaking of dreams, I had one of Damien a week ago where we were just laying in bed and he was insulting me and it was oddly wonderful. Strange, right?

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Thaaaat’s just enough internet for today.

Although, who am I to judge, I like being slapped and called a slut.

I hope this isn't too creepy to admit...but I had a dream about you. I don't know why but I remember being sad and crying and you holding me and kissing my forehead. After that I draw a blank but ever since every time I so much as see your icon on my dashboard I blush so hard and just /)////(\

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This is actually way adorable.

I love the fact people on Tumblr actually get what I would do in real life. Wet dreams are easy, but the human behind it. :3

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside after reading this. Thank you! <3

Is delusor a guy or a girl?

Yes. He is. He’s definitely a guy or a girl. He’s not a goat. And even if he was, he would probably be a boy or a girl goat.

We need more arm behind head pics. ;P

Asked by drewcroft

Is tied up behind head good? Because if it is, have I got some good news for you… :D

I love your last Orisor pic but for the life of me I cannot figure out what that tan thing is behind you that Damien's hand is on. It doesn't look like a leg, what the heck is it? O.o

Look below Damien’s head on the photo… Then compare the colour. :D

Commander’s Time Alone
Original/Reference: here

As a beginner at digital art, I thought it’d be nice practicing with a reference, so I pray you don’t mind me using your picture as a guide! Please ignore my lack of skill, and I hope you like it, Ori.

This is a good start, I think. I love the use of colours, always loved skin/grey combo.

I do believe some lines might appear too strong for the soft shadowing you did. And I love how you re-did the hair to suit the original Erwin. :D

Might I suggest you try softer outer lines or stronger shading? And correct me if I’m wrong but I think I’m a little bit bulkier in my chest area.

But never mind the ramblings, I’m just being an egotistical creep now, while in real life I couldn’t draw like this to save my life. :D

All in all, I love where your work is heading. <3

This a really weird question. (πーπ)Does Damien have a happy trail? Its for Orisor drawing purposes. (゜-゜)

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He’s an actual clean freak, do you think he’d leave a patch of “filthy hair” on himself?

Wrong choice, I know, but no happy trails on Damien.

Eruri is my life, but...have you seen how fucking hot erumike it is , i confess i imagine your erwin with mike and...oh god, that always make me feel horny. If presented with the opportunity, would you like it make a erumike photos?? sorry for my english, Greetings and love from chile. <3

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Shhh, tell no one, but we totally completed the team, we found our Mike.

He’s a freak like me, already started growing hair and working out to get all buff for the moment we present him to the audience. :3

And, oh yeah. Bara n bara is a must! Love Damien to bits, but gotta shake up the people - granted Mine doesn’t kill us all, as she’s a strong MikeHanji shipper. :D and Hanji.


Please just KISS!!!!!!!!!!! Fanart by enthusiastic fan for you XD

Painter’s network

Well, hello there! :3

Beautiful work! Thank you so much! <3


Fan art inspired in OriSor.<3

All credits to: 

Delusor -

Ori -


A lovely fan art, if I may add. <3

// Dude, you have really nice hair. Like damn. I just came to tell you that. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Oh, I saw it already on papa-erwin's blog and thought I'm just being egotistic for assuming the post was about me.

And now I know it was about me! ^_^ Thank you, thank you so much! <3

you cheer me up. often. thank you, for that. <3

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Hey, hey, HEY! BOTH hands on the keyboard.

… you’re welcome. <3

yo i think we made, like, over 9000 ovaries and lungs explode

Asked by papa-erwin

Will have to work harder next time, I guess. ;)

you just stained my fluffy pure thoughts with the dirty image of you naked. why did you have to do that? i feel personally offended. you'll hear from my advocate. tsk

Welcome to my blog for the first time ever, apparently. :D

I’m Ori and I will be your filth guide. :D